Resources that change state

The PROV working group received a question from Mike:

My understanding is that an entity referenced in a PROV bundle (e.g. via wasGeneratedBy) must be in the bundle…but I do not wish to duplicate entity definitions through out my bundles. My entities are long lived and will exist in multiple bundles.

So lets say I have a resource for alarms which contains a list of all alarms my company monitors. If I turn off the alarm at alarm/1, my understanding is that in PROV a new entity is created for the new state of alarm/1. But in my actual data store, I don’t create a new record, I just toggle a flag.

So there is a disconnect between how my PROV looks and how my data looks. This is by design is my understanding. So I would have a new entity in my prov for the alarm/1 in the new state which is a specialization of alarm/1, yes?

Ultimately, I want to display all of the provenance for alarm/1 so I can see its history from creation to invalidation. Am I going about this the wrong way?

Here is my reply (slightly revised for this post). My examples use the Turtle syntax and PROV-O, but are also applicable to other serializations of PROV, like PROV-XML or PROV-JSON.

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